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May 21 2018


Benefits of Push to Talk over Cellular Systems

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The advent of cellular networks has changed how communicating on the job site and with contractors working elsewhere happens, but that doesn't mean cell phones provide the best possible option for workers and employers to keep in touch. In reality, PTT Radio offers a better solution than either cell phones or traditional walkie-talkies and radios. Read on to find out why.

Low Cost

Most traditional mobile radios are expensive to set up. Push to Talk over Cellular, or PTT, models are much more affordable. This makes it more practical for construction foremen and other business managers to outfit their entire workforce with compatible devices.

Easy to Use

There's no easier way to keep in touch than to use PTT devices. They can be used for both one-on-one private communication and communication between groups, which makes them a practical solution no matter what the situation. Plus, transmissions can be sent and heard within just a fraction of a second.

Nationwide Coverage

Land mobile radios don't always work. PTT networks, on the other hand, offer nationwide coverage anywhere that users have cellular coverage.

GPS Tracking

Since companies like Peak PTT use only the latest 4G LTE devices, they feature advanced GPS functions. The locations of all the radios can be polled as frequently as every 30 seconds, which gives managers and foreman the ability to see exactly where their workers are at all times. Plus, unlike cell phones, these devices can be set to prevent the GPS from being turned off.

SOS Notifications

All radios are equipped with SOS notification capabilities. That means workers can instantly get in contact with emergency responders if any assistance is needed.

Dispatch Control

Modern PTT radios come with easy to use dispatch control software, which can be run from just about any PC. This software allows employers to keep track of worker locations, receive SOS notifications, and even record transmissions for future use. Ordinary cell phones designed for consumer use can't provide that kind of convenience and security.

Get Started Today

Getting started using PTT radios is easy. Companies can simply purchase entire turn-key systems online, then have them shipped directly to their doors. Once they've received their equipment, they can begin communicating with their workforce immediately.

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